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Tatakit.m, créatrice de sacs en cuir made in France

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TATAKIT.m has created the délicate fusion
between Aphrodite’s ancient birthplace and the
Kawaï aesthetic of our modern world.

TATAKIT.m is a brand of
exquisite accessories imagined by a young Parisian in love with leather, colour and with life’s tiny treasures.

We present a collection of fabulous conch-shells, designed in sleek, sparkling colours.

Utterly spell-binding and rare, as if washed up on some magical beach . . .


The seashells are carefully hand-crafted, then reworked and completely covered in plunged lambskin.
Each item takes shape after many stages of meticulous work by expert craftsmen.
A collection Made in France, and produced in limited edition.
For you.

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Tatakit.m, minaudières l'enjouée dans toutes les couleurs

La précieuse

9 x 10 x 4 cm

tatakitm_precieuse_01 tatakitm_precieuse_02 tatakitm_precieuse_03 tatakitm_precieuse_04 tatakitm_precieuse_05 tatakitm_precieuse_06 tatakitm_precieuse_07 tatakitm_precieuse_08 tatakitm_precieuse_09 tatakitm_precieuse_10 tatakitm_precieuse_11 tatakitm_precieuse_12 tatakitm_precieuse_13 tatakitm_precieuse_14 tatakitm_precieuse_15 tatakitm_precieuse_16

“La Précieuse” – Once slipped into your bag, this purse will become a close and intimate friend.

A looking-glass and a private envelope to stow away those precious tokens.

An elegant magnetic fastener, fittings in vivid golden flashes.


11 x 11 x 11 cm

Tatakit.m minaudière enjouée noire Tatakit.m minaudière enjouée noire Tatakit.m minaudière enjouée noire Tatakit.m minaudière enjouée jaune Tatakit.m minaudière enjouée turquoise Tatakit.m minaudière enjouée bleu electrique Tatakit.m minaudière enjouée rose

The “L’Enjouée” clutch . . .
The smallest bag you need !
A Lucky amulet in sensual curves, zipped in a double shell.

Swinging with nonchalance from your wrist, the discrète companion to a day’s shopping or an opening night, then carressed upon a cafe’s marble tabletop while you make a quick call.

The “L’Enjouée” has a looking-glass and two closed compartments for cards, make-up and other necessities.

La divine

20 x 20 x 12.5 cm

tatakitm_divine_1 tatakitm_divine_2 tatakitm_divine_3 tatakitm_divine_4 tatakitm_divine_5 tatakitm_divine_6

“Divine” – this most luxurious of accessories will hang from the shoulder by a twin snake chain in glimmering gold, peeking open and closed with your many small secrets. And at its heart, three compartments.

Again, an elegant magnetic fastener, and at its base the finest hinge uniquely engineered for this model.


Palace Costes Avril 2013